Are you at risk for a lifestyle related disease? Do you currently have a health problem? Our NEWSTART physicians and nurses will evaluate your health and give you the answers you need to be healthy. The program is specially designed to meet your individual needs.

NEWSTART is a program designed to introduce you to basic lifestyle changes needed for optimum health to teach you how to make these changes and to motivate you to maintain them permanently.

This program is especially helpful for those who experience health problems and are at risk for disease. Program participants learn how to live a healthy life and make good decisions regarding their health.

The 8 natural components of NEWSTART are nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, air, rest and trust. These principles promote health, good quality of life and disease prevention.

N: Nutrition

E: Exercise

W: Water

S: Sunlight

T: Temperance

A: Air

R: Rest

T: Trust

Service price 2,900 Baht/person/1 night 2 days (including VAT)