History of MHPC

Mission Health Promotion Center was established in 1990 by Mission Hospital to counter the chronic health problems that are increasing in Thailand. Examples of the kind of problems we focus on include stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity and stress. The center was developed with the idea that prevention is better than cure. Healthy lifestyle education is a cornerstone of our center. Our programs emphasize natural remedies to treat and prevent disease. One of our goals is to use the least medication possible.

Mission Health Promotion Center is a hotel-like facility, comprised of 34 rooms that can accommodate up to 84 guests at a time. The facility is out in the country-side surrounded by hills and has plenty of clean air. There are facilities for exercise, swimming, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. Staffs include a physician, nurses, physiotherapist, nutritionist, sports science specialist and other support staff to assist you in our wellness goals.

Services include lectures, demonstrations, practice in living a healthy lifestyle, diet control and exercise under the supervision of various specialists.